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NCPA, LTD, a Turks and Caicos company, is an ownership entity formed by U.S. construction company Gimrock Construction, LLC, which has purchased a large tract of land on the North Shore of Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos Islands (TCI). NCPA plans to build a large master planned community that is anchored by a world-class marina. The development will be well capitalized with equity and a conservative debt structure. NCPA is contemplating a multiple level capital structure based upon the Four Phased Development: 

1. The Marina

2. The Exclusive Sunrise Villas

3. The Sunset Hotel and Resort

4. The Expanded Marina Village & Residences

NCPA currently owns the project site and will act as sponsor/ developer and operator of the project. In this role, NCPA will lead all aspects of development, provide asset management, and act as investors’ representative. 


5-year investor IRR: 41% 

  • A Marina Village of 6,400 square feet

  • Residential and Hotel of 16,000 square feet

  • Phase II residential sales center of 1,200 square feet

  • Infrastructure of new and improved roads to the North part of Grand Turk

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